Success Stories of Awarding Winning Performance

Success Stories of Awarding Winning Performance/VFX


Arena Animation Connaught Place is the first & only Animation Academy that has a dedicated Team that works all year round to win all animation competitions.
We provide an opportunity for students to showcase their skills & to interact with experienced professionals from the Animation, VFX and Gaming industry. The education gained from these events help students become job-ready by the time they complete their course.

Rankings & Awards

Growth Award 2011
Best 3d Modeling Award in Creative Minds 2012
Creative Guru(Faculty)
Best 3d Animation Sequence 2013
Best Advertisement 2013
Reelemotion live action 2013
Reelemotion Best Animation(faculty) 2013
3d Animation in Orbit(2014)
Digital Film Making in Orbit(2014)
Sound Editing and FX Orbit(2014)
1st Prize in Rigging 2014
2nd Prize in Rigging 2014
3d Animationin Orbit(2016)
Architectural Visualization in Creative MInds(2015)
Growth Award 2015
Creature Modeling and Sculpting in Orbit(2016)
Creature Modeling and Sculpting in Orbit(2016)

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